Organic Himalayan Handmade Soap –Turmeric Milk


Combat hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne scars with our Handmade Turmeric Milk Complexion Bar. This soap bar borrows the anti-inflammatory and complexion correcting properties of Turmeric to reduce redness and even areas of hyperpigmentation.

This soap is not tested on animals, contains no animal fat and Is chemical-free and therefore, completely biodegradable. It is prepared using traditional soap making methods and packed in handmade and hand-printed lokta paper, botanically known as Daphne Bhoula or Daphne papyracea.

Cooperative, Fairtrade, Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Biodegradable, Ethical, Comes From Sustainable Resources, Recycled, Truly Artisan And Generally Very Planet Friendly.