Natural Corn Husk Woven Cushion


    This eco-friendly meditation cushion made of natural material is perfect for meditation, yoga practice or just sitting comfortably on the floor. It can also be used under the sofa and the bed in the living room and bedroom.

    It is made locally in the villages of Nepal from the dried leaves of the corn cob. The skin is dried, separated and turned in four long pieces that are cut vertically along the fibres. It is then connected together using different techniques to connect and form mats in different sizes, design and height.

    If you are looking for a green and sustainable way of life, this is your perfect choice! It will bring nature straight to your home with its colour, its fragrance, its beauty, everything and by buying the hand-made artifacts produced by the locals in days-long, diligent work, you will support our movement to maintain one piece of Nepal’s rich and beautiful tradition.