Himalayan Highland Dark Roasted Coffee Beans- 250 gms


Experience one of the world’s most extraordinary coffee!

An after-dinner espresso will bring you some sweet dreams- Our Himalayan Highland Dark Roasted Coffee Beans are every bit strong and the best naturally processed coffee out of Nepal. With a nutty flavour, our coffee is strong and has a  full-bodied complexity to finish.They make for an excellent Americano and one of the most flavoursome espressos you’ll ever find.

It is organically cultivated, selectively picked, fully washed, shade-grown and hand-sorted for speciality. The coffee is grown in Dhampus and roasted in a small Japanese roaster in Pokhara. The result? A dynamic ever so rich dark chocolate, woody, a nutty cacophony of pleasure and wonderfully flavorful.

Himalayan Highland Coffee stands for quality, transparency and sustainability of Nepalese coffee industry. It’s truly a great coffee for espresso makers/lovers!