Not so long ago, Nepalese were hardwired into thinking that the “Made in Nepal” tag didn’t measure up and when discussing products from Nepal in the International market, the only products that came up were handicrafts, carpets and pashmina shawls. 

But today, we know better. Being a multicultural and a multi-ethnic country, Nepal is not lacking in cultural aspects and we Nepalese manifest ourselves in various art and architecture, in sculptures and statues, and even in utensils and jewelry.

The meticulously crafted art and architecture, pieces of Nepali craftsmanship, handicrafts, exotic and colorful jewelry, cultural calendars, notebooks, diaries, gift boxes and loose paper made out of Lokta; the paper made of rice husk (also commonly known as Nepali paper), varieties of tea, Himalayan coffee that has been recognized for it’s superior taste and flavor., herbs and spices among many other domestic ‘Made-In-Nepal’ products that had been generally undervalued have finally risen the bar for healthy competition in terms of both quality and style and are steadily gaining visibility and recognition around the world.

Through Himalayan Merchandise, we hope to be able to facilitate and promote products that are made in Nepal.

We are a marketplace supporting buyers as well as sellers by offering exclusive, unique, and qualitative product in competitive price to help overcome the obstacles that are stopping Nepali products from making a splash in the international market.

Bestowed with the required skills and expertise, we provide quick services around the world as well as affordable international shipping.